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From commercial spaces to private residences, discover how Phenomenal Aire has helped so many achieve the best possible indoor air quality.

Barto Family

A family chooses to install Phenomenal Aire to improve their indoor air quality and to invest in their health

“The worst part of my allergies was getting walking pneumonia, missing school and sports, and not being able to hang out with my friends.”
— Julia

Choosing the Right Indoor Air Quality Technology.

Jessica and her husband understood the health benefits of installing indoor air quality technology in their home. When they researched the many different technologies available on the market, though, they quickly learned not all technologies use the same air cleaning process, and not all technologies are validated as safe. They learned some technologies could actually produce harmful by-products, such as ozone. They also learned not all technologies have the same maintenance needs or costs. Most of the technologies they reviewed required periodic maintenance, including the preplanned replacement of expensive components.

A family friend recommended Phenomenal Aire. They scheduled a visit with a local HVAC company to learn more about this technology.

Jessica noted that the technician who showed up was friendly and knowledgeable. He explained how the technology worked in easy, understandable terms. The technician verified there were no maintenance issues to worry about or ongoing costs associated with expensive replacement parts.

When Jessica was asked why her family chose Phenomenal Aire, she said, “When we were looking at indoor air technologies, we wanted to make sure they were safe and effective for our family. It’s important to me as a mom to know the technology can address harmful things like viruses, bacteria, and mold. We felt Phenomenal Aire was a great investment for the health of our family.”

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